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Maintaining An Online Relationship

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Many people nowadays have been in an online relationship. But the question is, how do they mantain it? It’s not easy being in a relationship, be it online or offline. But since is focused more on online dating, let us give you some advices on how to make your online relationship last.

1. Don’t treat an online relationship as a game. If you weren’t looking for a relationship, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship. Don’t get into an online relationship just for the sake of curing your boredom.

2. Keep faith in your partner and your relationship. If you both are serious enough to make it work, it will!

3. Remember, an online relationship is similiar to a real relationship. The only difference is the physical distance. Treat your partner fairly, do not cheat on him/her.

4. Write often. Keep in touch as often as you could. Lacking the physical contact makes the whole relationship a whole lot difficult. Always keep in touch with your partner. Here, we are not saying you must make long distance call every day. But try to find sensible solutions like writing emails, sending ecards, or even going back to the old days – writing a snail mail.

5. Write snail mails. Snail mails are more personal and give both the reader and writer more intense feeling.

6. Online relationships do not have to end online. Keep working towards your relationship so that your dreams will come true one day. Meeting your online partner the first time in real life gives you so much more happiness than you could ever expect.

7. Don’t despair. So what you are in an online relationship now. It does not mean you will never get to meet your online partner outside. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

8. Be true to everyone involved. Be true to yourself, and be true to your partner. If you have lost interest in your relationship, or you have found someone else (although you shouldn’t have, if you really wanted to make the relationship work, but that’s another story), be upfront and tell your partner. Don’t try to hide it from anyone, because although it’s an online relationship, the people involved are REAL people, and they do have feelings.

9. Share your feelings and goals. The most important thing in any relationship is to be able to share your thoughts, feelings and goals about the relationship itself. Tell your partner what you expect out of the relationship, what your true feelings are, and what your relationship’s goals are. It is important to keep in touch with what both of you are planning for the relationship.

10. Be prepared to take risks. Life is about taking risks. Be prepared for all the difficulities that you might encounter in a relationship.

Last but not least, our shwedarling team would like to emphasise that some of you are lucky enough to find someone close to your area through online dating. But if you are not one of those lucky people, you don’t have to give up hope. There are so many happy couples out there who met online, who lived at opposite sides of the world but are now living together happily, because they knew what they want, and worked hard towards their online relationships.

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