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Being a Myanmar/Burmese

“What’s so special about being a Myanmar/Burmese”, you asked? We are not trying to say that being a Myanmar/Burmese is the best, nor are we trying to make other races inferior. Of course, everyone should be proud of their root, their heritage and the place they came from. And we are Myanmar/Burmese, so we should be proud of it.

So what a lot of people you meet in other countries have no idea where Myanmar/Burma is. It doesn’t make you deficient as a person. But let us concentrate on why you should be proud of being a Myanmar/Burmese:

– Myanmar/Burma is a country with a lot of natural resources and beauties. It’s no doubt that the country is one of the most favorite destinations in Asia for travelers.

– Almost every Myanmar/Burmese practice burmese cultures and traditions till date. For example, a good Myanmar/Burmese will never swear at the elders whether they are right or wrong.

– 89% of the entire population believes in Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion and philosophy based on the teachings of the Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama. Not only is Buddhism considered a major world religion, it is also the only religion in this world whose aim is to end the suffering of cyclic existence, samsara (Pāli, Sanskrit), by awakening the practitioner to the realization of true reality, the achievement of liberation (nirvana). [More]

– Religion is part of the everyday lives of the Myanmar/Burmese people. Yes, Myanmar/Burmese people are religious, but they are not overly religious.

– True Myanmar/Burmese are sharing, caring, and loving. What more could you possibly ask for in a person?

– Myanmar/Burmese people are often complimented for their friendly-and-simple nature.

– Myanmar/Burmese people are the most courteous people that one could ever come across.

Of course, there are some areas where people in Myanmar/Burma are considered as less fortunate, but let’s not go into that, because this should be all about how you should be proud of being a Myanmar/Burmese.

Disclaimer: We are not ignorant, we are just concentrating on the positive sides of being a Myanmar/Burmese. If you have any positive thing to say about being a Myanmar/Burmese, please comment away.

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