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Getting Over An Ex

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Getting over an ex isn’t easy, although it is not impossible. It takes time and yes, a lot of effort. But unlike other relationship, breakup and love articles on the web, we are not going to tell you how you should stop thinking about your ex, or how you should stop talking to them altogether. Because we know that if it was that easy to let go, you wouldn’t even be suffering a heart break. If you’d like to know a different approach to handling a break up, then read on…

It’s very possible that even after the break up, and all the heartaches, you still cannot forget about the other person. How they used to hold your hands, the smell of their body, their smile, and so on. Don’t force yourself to forget about him/her. Don’t force yourself to erase his/her name from your memory. Because trust us, it is not going to happen! You were in a relationship. You have loved each other. You have spent both good and bad times together. So after the breakup, you need to tell yourself that yes, you have had a relatioship with that special someone. But because things don’t work out between you two, you have decided to separate. That doesn’t mean you have to forget everything about him/her, because even if you try, it is almost impossible to forget about someone who once was a part of your life. So instead of forcing yourself to forget about the relationship and what has happened, learn to accept the truth. The truth is you have just broken up. You may still think of him/her from time to time, but that’s ok. There is no need to try and forget about your past, because your past will always be a part of your life, whether you like it or not.

We hear a lot of advices for those who are heart broken, and one of the most common advices is to maintain “NO-CONTACT” rule. Basically, the rule does not allow you to talk to the ex, or maintain any kind of contact with the ex. Although it may be possible to maintain a “NO-CONTACT” rule, sometimes it is not. Imagine when you work for the same company, or you go to the same university/school, or you have mutual friends, or the ex lives just down the road. In that case, instead of trying to maintain “NO-CONTACT” rule by isolating yourself, try to befriend with your ex once again. You probably won’t become the bestest friends in the world, but at least you can still talk to each other, and greet each other.

Most important of all, never blame anyone for the breakup; not even yourself nor the ex. Even if you believe that it’s either you or the ex’s fault, try not to blame anyone. And have no regret. Be glad that you’ve had some good times with the ex, even though they don’t last forever.

Last but not least, remember that life is about living it to the fullest, not making it perfect!

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