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Credit Card Fraud – How to Prevent It

Credit Card Fraud – How to Prevent It
By Michael Russell

Credit card fraud has been a frustrating problem nowadays. Fraudulent purchases made on the Internet and via mobile phones have increased dramatically. Therefore, you have to be very careful with your credit card. The following tips will help protect you from this fraud problem.

Be cautious every time using your credit card. Keep an eye on it and get it back as soon as possible. You should never give out your credit card number over the phone or via fax even if you are told that there is a technical problem and they need your account number. No legitimate company will ask you to give out your credit card number on the phone.

You have to be even more careful when giving out your credit card number online. Never give it out via emails no matter how reliable the emails look. There have been many kinds of “phishing e-mails” which usually want to “verify” your personal information. Just delete them even if they say that your account is at risk. On the other hand, never give out your personal information on any sites which are not secure. Always use an internet address beginning with “https://” which indicates a secure connection.

Always sign your new credit cards right after you receive them and destroy the old card by cutting it into small pieces. You should also destroy all old credit card receipts, not just put them into the waste bin. You can buy a paper shredder from any stationery store and shred all your old credit card receipts because they contain much of your personal information.

Never write your PIN number on your credit card or anywhere near it. If you have written something related to your credit card on some paper sheets, remember to shred them right when you don’t need them any more.

Always keep your credit card information secret. Never lend your credit cards to anyone. Even if that person doesn’t do anything illegal to your credit cards, he can unintentionally cause your credit card information to be leaked to some third party.

Always check your credit card bills right after you have received them to make sure that there are no “bonus” charges. Do keep all the receipts of your cards and compare them with the bills you receive monthly.

Just carry with you the credit cards that you absolutely need and use frequently. Don’t bring credit cards you don’t often use. If you also have cash in your wallet, don’t put your credit cards in the same section with your cash. The cards can easily fall out when you pull your cash out of your wallet.

If you suspect any trouble, report the case to the credit card issuer immediately. Credit card companies always have help lines which are 24/7. You should call them immediately if you find any changes without a receipt or if your wallet is lost.

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