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Dedication: Lay Phyu – A linn yaung

    “ သမိုင္းမွာမင္းတရားခံျဖစ္မယ္ ”

    “ သမိုင္းမွာမင္းတရားခံျဖစ္မယ္ ” •••••••••••••••••••••••••• မင္းမမွန္ရင္ မင္းတရားခံျဖစ္မယ္၊ ငါမမွန္ရင္ ငါတရားခံျဖစ္မယ္၊ တရားဆိုတာ ညႇာလဲမညႇာ၊ ညာလဲမညာ သာေစ နာေစမရွိ ပကတိ သူ႔သေဘာသူေဆာင္ျခင္းပဲ။ ဒီေန႔ မင္းရဲ႔လုပ္ရပ္ဟာ ေနာင္ေန႔ မင္းရဲ႔အတၳဳပၸတ္။ ဒီေန႔ မင္းရဲ႔လုပ္ရပ္ဟာ ေနာင္ေန႔ မင္းရဲ႔အနာဂတ္။ မပတ္သက္ခ်င္လို႔ မရ မစပ္ဆက္ခ်င္လို႔

    Humor: Not a fart

    Funny Joke: Kiss My Ass

    There was a married couple who were in a terrible accident. The

    Madi & Friends Concert @ Haugh Performing Arts Center

    Photo credit to – Larry ML (Madi & Friends Concert)

To: GG; From: KMA
Message: Dedicated to my one and only love. I will always miss you.

Notes from Admin: If you’d like to dedicate a song or a vid to your loved ones, please let us know (by leaving a comment) and we will contact you via email.

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