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Thinzar Wint Kyaw and Korean Dramas

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    Zin Zin Zaw Myint’s family

    Myanmar actress Zin Zin Zaw Myint and her husband Chan Kyaw Kyaw

    သတိရျခင္​း (၃၀)

    သတိရျခင္း(၃၀) ************** လြန္ခဲ့တဲ့ ဆယ္စုႏွစ္တစ္ခုကို ျပန္သတိရတဲ့အခါ (၁၇) ~~~ ဘယ္ေတာ့မွ ျပန္မေတြးခ်င္တဲ့ ေန႔ရက္ထဲမွာ ဆယ္တန္းတုန္းက အျဖစ္ပ်က္ေတြပါတယ္။ အားကုန္အားစိုက္ ၾကိဳးစားေပမယ့္ လိုက္မမီႏိုင္တဲ့ ရန္ကုန္ရဲ႕ သင္ၾကားနည္းစနစ္မွာ

In her recent interview, Thinzar Wint Kyaw was asked whether she watched korean dramas.

Thinzar Wint Kyaw Thinzar Wint Kyaw

And here is a rough translation of her reply.

I haven’t been watching korean movies lately. Why – because I don’t find them too engaging anymore, and the plots (storyline) have become predictable. I have also started getting bored watching them,
with the same actors and actresses over and over again.

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